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Kaleidoscopic, Inc. in the news for recent website design...

Gaston Gazette - "Gaston city upgrading online presence" The City of Bessemer City recently made the news covering topics of economic development, which also included a new website developed by Kaleidoscopic, Inc. WooHoo! We love this kind of stuff. : )

Kaleidoscopic worked closely with Josh Ross of the City of Bessemer City, NC to develop a municipal web strategy that would help the city with economic growth, build awareness of Bessemer City with a stronger online presence, provide residents of the city with a municipal help desk solution to submit questions, report issues and search the city's website knowledge-base for solutions to their questions.

Additional features of the new City of Bessemer City website include a completely new Photo Gallery with an easy to use search engine to locate photos of interest, a new Video Gallery, Site-wide Forms and Documents management system, Site-wide City Personnel management system, municipal Geo-mapping features and many other specialized municipal web-based solutions.

Visit the new City of Bessemer City website and see all the great new website features and solutions developed by Kaleidoscopic, Inc. under our subsidiary BigOak Creative Municipal Web Services.

City of Bessemer City municipal website design and web development

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