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Marketing your business on a limited budget and how to target your audience, utilizing social networks.

Get your Facebook Fans and Foursquare patrons to do your marketing for you!

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Need to target your audience, but have a limited or no budget at all for marketing? Here's a tip on marketing that will only cost you a little time, and pay-out of a little of your product.

Hint: Social networks.

Sure, we've all heard about social networks and if you own a business, you probably already have a Twitter account, Facebook page and possibly set up your business location on Foursquare. You may be thinking, "this is nothing new". But have you been able to get you're Facebook Fans or Foursquare patrons to do your marketing for you?

Here's an example of how you can offer a little of your product as a reward and get your Fans and Patrons to market your business to their friends.


John owns an ice cream shop called the "Four Corner Creamery". John would like to make more people aware about his ice cream business, but has no budget for marketing. So John creates a Facebook account and a Facebook Page for his business the "Four Corner Creamery". John then creates a few signs asking his patrons to follow the "Four Corner Creamery" on Facebook. With every ice cream scoop purchased John makes his patrons aware of the Facebook Page he has created. As his Facebook Fans grows, John creates another sign that says, "Join us on Facebook and post a photo of your ice cream scoop with the "Four Corner Creamery" sign in the photo. The first person to post 20 photos of ice cream scoops wins a Quart of ice cream of their choosing."

John has now given his patrons an incentive to visit more often and they will help market his business by posting countless photos of ice cream scoops with his business sign in the pictures. His patrons who are on Facebook have friends and they will wonder... "why is Jane, posting so many ice cream scoop photos to their Facebook account". Jane's friend may ask why and learn about the chance to win a quart of ice cream. Jane's friend will probably want to visit the "Four Corner Creamery" to taste the ice cream first hand and to learn why Jane seems so ice cream crazy. Thereby Jane has helped market the "Four Corner Creamery" to all her friends and they too may begin snapping photos of their ice cream scoops for a chance to win a quart of ice cream as well.

Every few months John offers a chance to win a quart of ice cream. John's "Four Corner Creamery" Facebook Page now has many fans, so he makes announcements directly to his Facebook Page about a chance to win a quart of ice cream and tells on-site patrons as well. His "Four Corner Creamery" Facebook Page continues to grow in fans, more and more people learn about the "Four Corner Creamery" and when people see all those ice cream photos posted on all those personal Facebook pages... they're going to have to drop by and taste the ice cream at "Four Corner Creamery".

Visit again soon, for a tip on using Foursquare to market your business.

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