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Being honest with a prospect, even when it means you'll lose an opportunity at new work can go a long way towards building your business' reputation as trust-worthy, with a moral compass that points true.

Hey John Doe,

I've completed my research into the development of an "Online Web to Print Solution" and I really feel your best solution is to go with a company that specializes in providing such a service exclusively.

We can certainly build an "Online Web to Print Solution" for you, but... I believe it would not be cost effective for your business endeavors.

Here's why:

Developing an "Online Web to Print Solution" would be a highly specialized website and would take many man hours to develop from the ground up, test and roll out. As much as I would like my team to build this for you, I believe you'd be better served choosing a business that specializes in web-to-print solutions exclusively.

Since we do not specialize in web-to-print software development... I'm very certain that over the "long haul" it would actually cost you more to utilize our services, or any other non web-to-print service providers to maintain the site, apply updates, and keep the site in a state of the latest technologies - so as to provide you and your customers with the best online services possible.

We're great web developers, web strategist, and we can design a website that not only looks good, but also performs well in search engines. But I'd like to you focus on the keywords (web strategist) in the sentence above and how the keywords have been applied to the overall message here, which is, "In my opinion a non web-to-print service provider is not the right web strategy for your business needs."

With all that said, I have provided a few links below of businesses that specialize in "Online Web to Print Solutions" and I encourage you to look into what they have to offer, because I feel it would be a more cost effective solution for your business needs.

If you choose a business that specializes in "Online Web to Print Solutions" and you'd like to hire Kaleidoscopic, Inc to design the skin (the look and feel) of your website, I'd love the opportunity to work with you and help you tailor your website's design to fit your needs.

Online Web to Print Solutions:

However - if the "Online Web to Print Solutions" service providers I've listed above or any others you learn of do not fit your web-to-print needs and you need a website that is custom built for your own specific business needs, we can and will certainly help you with the development of such a website. Just let me know and we can discuss further.

Finally, I appreciate your time and considering Kaleidoscopic, Inc. as a solution for your web-based needs. We're here if you need us... just reach out to us, and do please keep us in mind for any other website or graphic design projects. 

All the best,
Michael Habenicht

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