Mountain Biking Cyclist Jersey

Client: MTB Path


Our Role:

Design and Illustrate art for MTBPath mountain biking jerseys, using the MTBPath color palette and earth-tones.

  • Cycling Jerseys
  • Digital Sublimation
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustrations

Project Notes:

MTB Path Team Riders -  Mountain Biking Cyclist Jersey illustration and graphic design.

We were charged with concepting a design and illustrating mountain biking jerseys for MTBPath using their color palette established in their logo and earth-tones. We decided to approach the design using visuals that represent elements that are invloved with the act of mountain biking. Some of the elements we considered were: a person on a mountain bike, half of a front wheel and bike fork coming around from the back to the front of the jersey, possibly a rider doing some kind of stunt. But these have all been done before and can get a bit tacky to the point that the rider looks like a rolling billboard.

We decided to take a clean approach and we settled on the folloowing elements to focus on in our design; mountains, bike cog, the MTBPath logo, icon images from their web site and use of a very strong earth-tone color(s). With the concept laid out on sketch paper, we began illustrating a mountain scape that used the colors of the MTBPath color palette. We then illustrated a bicycle cog to site behind the MTBPath logo and float between the two mountain peaks. Being a mountain biker myself, I knew there was only one real choice for the earth-tone color and that was a sunset orange to rusty color background. I felt this represent those long mountain bike rides in the mountains where you wrap up the ride just before sunset.

A good ride - a good day!


Developed With: Illustrator

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