Leisure Travel Experts

Client: Leisure Travel Experts

Task: Mint Hill, NC Logo Design

Our Role:

Design a new logo and rebranding for a Mint Hill, NC travel agency.

  • Brand Development
  • Creative Graphic Design
  • Graphic Illustration

Project Notes:

Leisure Travel Experts is a travel agency located in Mint Hill, NC who came to Kaleidoscopic to develop a new website - developed to target specific markets and help improve their search engine placement in organic search results. After a few phone conversations we requested materials of their existing business branding, a copy of their logo file and any other marketing materials they could share.

Once we received the existing marketing materials and logo, we began developing a strategy for rebranding the perceived image of Leisure Travel Experts. This rebranding process included designing a new logo that contains visual cues that represent some of the services offered by Leisure Travel Experts, which include river boat cruises in Europe and travel destinations throughout the world. Search for any travel agency on the web and you'll find many have the same old tired logos that have a plane circling the world, a suitcase or a compass. We wanted to design a logo that would stand out from the crowd, speak leisure, a logo that is warm and inviting.

For our design approach, we decided to go with the theme of flowing water under a warm sun - to speak about the river boat cruises and create the mood of leisure. We then set the word Leisure and Travel Experts in bold contrasting fonts styles. There's also a theme in the sun rays that can be interpreted in a few ways. Let your imagination go and you may see dolphins jumping over the word leisure or you may see arrows in motion - as to travel.

Ways to interpret the art elements of the logo are:

  • Flowing water - relaxing, leisure
  • Water waves and sun rays - in motion, traveling
  • And you'll find the shape of an "E" in the trailing end of the flowing water art element. - Experts

Developed With: Illustrator

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