Kaleidoscopic, Inc - Thinking Aloud http://www.kaleidoscopicinc.com/thinking_aloud.php Thinking Aloud and Blog'n, RSS Feeds Mon, 16 Oct 2017 19:37:00 -0400 en-us Municipal Website Design and Development http://www.kaleidoscopicinc.com/thinking_aloud_blog.php?Municipal-Website-Design-and-Development-30 <h6>Mint Hill, NC web development company launches a new municipal website for "The City of Bessemer City, NC"  The New Website, Provides Better User Experience For Citizens And Staff</h6> <p><em>Mint Hill, North Carolina – April 2014</em></p> <p><a href="http://municipalwebservices.com/" title="BigOak Creative - Municipal Web Services" target="_blank">BigOak Creative</a> a subsidiary of Kaleidoscopic, Inc. of Mint Hill, NC - launched a new website for The City of Bessemer City.</p> <p>The new and improved municipal website was designed with ease of use and functionality for the community, with powerful automated back-end content management features to reduce the city staff's efforts in managing website content and keeping the new website fresh and accurate with the latest information - utilizing dynamic, thematic content delivery throughout the website, to better communicate information to its citizens.</p> <p>The revamping includes a fresh new look for the city's website and includes pages showcasing the many attributes of the city. The website has been well received by Bessemer City administrative staff and citizens, and can be found by visiting www.bessemercity.com.</p> <p>The new website boasts a long list of new features dedicated to providing information about city services, parks and recreation, council meetings, and promoting commerce in Bessemer City. These features include a powerful calendar, photo and video gallery, news and events section, a searchable frequently asked questions knowledge-base, advanced mapping functions and a city "help desk" which allows citizens to submit questions or bring matters to the attention of department level city officials by filling out a form on the website, and in return, receive statuses or responses from the department level city officials in regards to their submissions.</p> <p>Residents of Bessemer City have found the new www.bessemercity.com to be an engaging website with navigation that is easy to use, with clean and effective page structures. Visitors to the website can easily check the city calendar for upcoming events, locate minutes from recent city council meetings, and download forms and documents from one location within the website. Forms and documents are also delivered to specific department site pages based on the forms and documents' association with specific departments of the city, thereby reducing city staff's efforts in managing documents throughout the entire website.</p> <p>Designed and developed by BigOak Creative a subsidiary of Kaleidoscopic, Inc. of Mint Hill, NC, the new Bessemer City website is equipped with a content management system specifically developed to help city staff to maintain the website with ease. City staff have found the content management system helpful in providing the most current and relevant information to citizens of Bessemer City, while reducing the city's staff members time and effort in managing the new website.</p> <blockquote> <p>"Kaleidoscopic, Inc. has given The City of Bessemer City a website we can be proud of.  The updated city website offers many new features and a user-friendly interface.  The new municipal website helps us better communicate with our citizens and anyone wanting to know more information about Bessemer City.  We think this website will help move us forward in all aspects of local government."<br />- Joshua Ross, Economic Development Officer</p> </blockquote> <p>The City of Bessemer City is a suburban city in Gaston County, North Carolina with a population of 5,340 according to the 2010 census. It is located approximately 6 miles northwest of Gastonia and 25 miles west of Charlotte.</p> <p>Kaleidoscopic Inc., is a global award-winning graphic design and web development agency located in Mint Hill, North Carolina, was named one of the top 25 web design companies of 2013 by the Charlotte Business Journal, and an active member of the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce.</p> Fri, 25 Apr 2014 03:45:00 -0400 http://www.kaleidoscopicinc.com/thinking_aloud_blog.php?Municipal-Website-Design-and-Development-30 SEO Tip 3 http://www.kaleidoscopicinc.com/thinking_aloud_blog.php?SEO-Tip-3-29 <p>Google likes to see website owners engaged with their websites and prospective website visitors. The addition of fresh new content posted to your website is formulated into Google's SEO algorithm to determine how your site ranks in search results.<br /> <br /> When posting new content to your website, remember to never lose focus on the topics directly related to your business services and/or products and who you're trying to reach - you targeted audience and region of service.</p> Mon, 17 Mar 2014 17:35:00 -0400 http://www.kaleidoscopicinc.com/thinking_aloud_blog.php?SEO-Tip-3-29 Gaston city upgrading online presence http://www.kaleidoscopicinc.com/thinking_aloud_blog.php?Gaston-city-upgrading-online-presence-28 <h2>Kaleidoscopic, Inc. in the news for recent website design...</h2> <p>Gaston Gazette - "<a target="_blank" title="Gaston city upgrading online presence" href="http://www.gastongazette.com/spotlight/gaston-city-upgrading-online-presence-1.256344">Gaston city upgrading online presence</a>" The City of Bessemer City recently made the news covering topics of economic development, which also included a new website developed by Kaleidoscopic, Inc. WooHoo! We love this kind of stuff. : )</p> <p>Kaleidoscopic worked closely with Josh Ross of the City of Bessemer City, NC to develop a municipal web strategy that would help the city with economic growth, build awareness of Bessemer City with a stronger online presence, provide residents of the city with a municipal help desk solution to submit questions, report issues and search the city's website knowledge-base for solutions to their questions.</p> <p>Additional features of the new City of Bessemer City website include a completely new Photo Gallery with an easy to use search engine to locate photos of interest, a new Video Gallery, Site-wide Forms and Documents management system, Site-wide City Personnel management system, municipal Geo-mapping features and many other specialized municipal web-based solutions.</p> <p>Visit the new <a target="_blank" title="City of Bessemer City website design and development" href="http://bessemercity.com">City of Bessemer City website</a> and see all the great new website features and solutions developed by Kaleidoscopic, Inc. under our subsidiary <a target="_blank" title="Big Oak Creative Municipal Web Services" href="http://municipalwebservices.com/">BigOak Creative Municipal Web Services</a>.</p> <p><a target="_blank" title="City of Bessemer City website design and development" href="http://bessemercity.com"><img style="border: 0;" src="uploads/thumb/Screen-Shot-2014-01-01-at-5-35-07-PM.png" alt="City of Bessemer City municipal website design and web development" height="500" width="438" /></a></p> Wed, 01 Jan 2014 17:14:00 -0500 http://www.kaleidoscopicinc.com/thinking_aloud_blog.php?Gaston-city-upgrading-online-presence-28 Building your business' reputation as trust-worthy http://www.kaleidoscopicinc.com/thinking_aloud_blog.php?Building-your-business-reputation-as-trust-worthy-26 <h2>Being honest with a prospect, even when it means you'll lose an opportunity at new work can go a long way towards building your business' reputation as trust-worthy, with a moral compass that points true.</h2> <p>Hey John Doe,</p> <p>I've completed my research into the development of an "Online Web to Print Solution" and I really feel your best solution is to go with a company that specializes in providing such a service exclusively.</p> <p>We can certainly build an "Online Web to Print Solution" for you, but... I believe it would not be cost effective for your business endeavors.</p> <p><strong>Here's why:</strong></p> <p>Developing an "Online Web to Print Solution" would be a highly specialized website and would take many man hours to develop from the ground up, test and roll out. As much as I would like my team to build this for you, I believe you'd be better served choosing a business that specializes in web-to-print solutions exclusively.</p> <p>Since we do not specialize in web-to-print software development... I'm very certain that over the "long haul" it would actually cost you more to utilize our services, or any other non web-to-print service providers to maintain the site, apply updates, and keep the site in a state of the latest technologies - so as to provide you and your customers with the best online services possible.</p> <p>We're great web developers, web strategist, and we can design a website that not only looks good, but also performs well in search engines. But I'd like to you focus on the keywords (web strategist) in the sentence above and how the keywords have been applied to the overall message here, which is, <strong>"In my opinion a non web-to-print service provider is not the right web strategy for your business needs."</strong></p> <p>With all that said, I have provided a few links below of businesses that specialize in "Online Web to Print Solutions" and I encourage you to look into what they have to offer, because I feel it would be a more cost effective solution for your business needs.</p> <p>If you choose a business that specializes in "Online Web to Print Solutions" and you'd like to hire <a href="http://kaleidoscopicinc.com/">Kaleidoscopic, Inc</a> to design the skin (the look and feel) of your website, I'd love the opportunity to work with you and help you tailor your website's design to fit your needs.</p> <p><strong>Online Web to Print Solutions:</strong></p> <p>http://www.qprintpro.com<br />http://printnow.com<br />http://www.printvia.com</p> <p><strong>However</strong> - if the "Online Web to Print Solutions" service providers I've listed above or any others you learn of do not fit your web-to-print needs and you need a website that is custom built for your own specific business needs, we can and will certainly help you with the development of such a website. Just let me know and we can discuss further.</p> <p>Finally, I appreciate your time and considering <a href="http://kaleidoscopicinc.com/">Kaleidoscopic, Inc.</a> as a solution for your web-based needs. We're here if you need us... just reach out to us, and do please keep us in mind for any other website or graphic design projects. </p> <p>All the best,<br />Michael Habenicht</p> Fri, 25 Oct 2013 15:11:00 -0400 http://www.kaleidoscopicinc.com/thinking_aloud_blog.php?Building-your-business-reputation-as-trust-worthy-26 Building Business and New Leads http://www.kaleidoscopicinc.com/thinking_aloud_blog.php?Building-Business-and-New-Leads-27 <h2>So your website is performing well in online search results, but you’re not getting any business leads.</h2> <p>Recently someone who owns a small business and with a limited budget, asked me why they where not getting any new business leads from their website. Below was my response along with some tips that they may want to consider, which I thought I'd share here. Note: I referenced just a few specific social and business building networks - which would fit their needs specifically. If you apply any of these tips, your networking sources may vary.</p> <p>-------- The Website Marketing on a Slim Budget Discussion --------</p> <p>So I see your website is performing very well in online search results, but your website's message may not be enticing enough to drive home the sale and to get people to follow through with inquiring about your services and products.</p> <p><strong>Below is a short list of things you may want to consider doing to begin with, which will only cost you time and effort on your part.</strong></p> <p>1) Work on your personal branding using networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Angie's List, etc… and continue to build on your Thumbtack profile and follow through with leads that come through on services such as Thumbtack and Angie's list.</p> <p>I spend on average about 4 to 8 hours every week (not enough in my opinion) working on my personal branding or business - to reinforce my reputation (and my business' reputation) as a web designer and web developer. I also have my employees - do the same for their personal branding. Collectively we are creating an online presence that we are everywhere, we aggressively market every new website project we design and develop - so we constantly have a presence online in social media, various networks and here's some information about the website design and development project - along with customer testimonials and case-studies.</p> <p>The point of all this is that we are working diligently to establish that Kaleidoscopic is a great business to work with and hire, here are other companies that have chosen our web development services, and here are the results.</p> <p>2) Ask your existing clients for referrals, ask them to recommend your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Thumbtack, Angie's List and any other networks they may utilize. Post client testimonials to your website and your own social networks.</p> <p>3) Post tips in the NEWS sections of your website. Everyone loves free information that they can benefit from... you received a tip from me yesterday. It wasn't the typical kind of tip I send out to our clients and it was roughly typed up... however it was very useful information to help our clients protect what's theirs and the advice cost them nothing. I sent the email message tip to many people (BCC) and I plan to refine it down and actually perform an email marketing campaign in the coming month which covers most of the topics of the message. Yesterday I was at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon and 6 people came up and thanked me for the helpful tips and information.... thereby I provided something of value to them, and reaffirmed myself as someone who cares, in the know and knowledgeable in my field of business.</p> <p>4) Post to your NEWS and TESTIMONIALS more often. People are looking for different things in a business they wish to work with. You should consider asking people who hired you - why they chose your business, or how did they learn about your business. Then build a new NEWS article based on the feedback. This will help your business target like-minded prospects. </p> <p>5) Copywriting - Consider working on your website's message to make it more enticing to the prospect. Reference 3 &amp; 4) above as a place to start. </p> <p>OR - you may want to consider hiring us to do some in-depth copywriting for your website. We'd perform extensive research into your competitors, your service industry, work on and develop more enticing messages for your website, which strongly communicates why a prospect should chose your business over the competition. We offer copywriting services and monthly maintenance plans, as options to help out in these areas of web services. Let me know if you're interested and we can discuss this further.</p> <p>6) Network - online in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, etc... </p> <p>Network with other businesses which are closely related to your business' service industry. Kaleidoscopic has an extensive network of business associates which we have built relationships with and most of our work comes in as referrals from these connections and relationships we've built. </p> <p>7) Get computer and social network savvy - Your competitors are, or they are paying someone to manage their branding and networking. If your business is not doing the same - then your competitors already have an advantage over your business in this area. We've helped businesses build new business and increase their sales for many years and those who are the most successful online are those who know how to take advantage of the online services available to them. These include constantly adding new, fresh content to their websites, working the social networks, asking for referrals, basically everything I've mentioned in steps 1 - 6).</p> <p>8) One other tip... Ask every one of your clients for the names, email address and/or phone numbers of five people who could benefit from your business services or may be interested in your services. This approach is much better than asking a client to refer your business to others... because you're relying on them to make the referral, whereas if you ask for the names, emails and/or phone numbers of five people who can use your business services... we'll your more likely to get an immediate answer and possibly 2 to 3 contact leads on the spot. This is a fairly aggressive approach to marketing, but it does work.</p> <p>-------- End Website Marketing on a Slim Budget Discussion --------</p> <p>To wrap this up - everything listed above is an example of various tips I provided a business owner (at not cost), regarding how to build online and networking business awareness. I often provide such tips to clients on a one-on-one basis and later refine them to be more generic, so as to repurpose them for my own marketing purposes on my website and social networks, and as described in 3). </p> <p>…and the message you just read is my tip to a business owner, repurposed for my own marketing endeavors and shared with you.</p> <p>I hope you find this information useful and helpful. If you would like to discuss our in-depth copywriting, web marketing and web maintenance plans which would cover a lot of the topics discussed here, please contact Kaleidoscopic, Inc at 704-545-5336 or check out our website at <a href="undefined/" title="Kaleidoscopic, inc.">www.kaleidoscopicinc.com</a>.</p> <p>And if by chance you're in search of a Website Designer, Web Developer, or Graphic Design Services… please consider Kaleidoscopic, Inc. We'd love the opportunity to work with your business. </p> <p>Cheers!<br />Michael Habenicht</p> Wed, 23 Oct 2013 14:16:00 -0400 http://www.kaleidoscopicinc.com/thinking_aloud_blog.php?Building-Business-and-New-Leads-27 Chartwells Magazine http://www.kaleidoscopicinc.com/thinking_aloud_blog.php?Chartwells-Magazine-25 <h2>Kaleidoscopic, Inc. Designs and Produces Digital Publication Recognized with Three Prestigious LACP 2012 Magellan Awards</h2> <p><strong>Message from Kaleidoscopic, Inc.’s President and CEO Michael Habenicht</strong></p> <p>“I am pleased to announce that Chartwells Magazine, a digital publication produced and designed by Kaleidoscopic, contributed to three award wins for our client Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services. This is outstanding news and I'm so very excited for Chartwells and Kaleidoscopic. We are very thrilled about Chartwells Magazine winning and placing in three categories. Through all of our efforts we achieved something really great.”</p> <p>“I am happy to share Chartwells’ press release with our customers and all visitors surfing our website. Thank you for taking the time to read about our achievements!”</p> <h2>Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services Receives Prestigious 2012 Magellan Awards in Communications Campaign Competition</h2> <p>“Chartwells Magazine” digital publication recognized by League of American Communications Professionals with three esteemed awards.</p> <p>Rye Brook, N.Y. (January 10, 2013) – <a target="_blank" title="Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services" href="http://www.eatlearnlive.com/">Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services</a> has been recognized by the <a target="_blank" title="League of American Communications Professionals" href="http://www.lacp.com/aboutus.htm">League of American Communications Professionals</a> (LACP) in its <a target="_blank" title="2012 Magellan Awards Communications Campaign Competition" href="http://www.lacp.com/2012magellan/competition.htm">2012 Magellan Awards Communications Campaign Competition</a>.  Chartwells’ monthly digital newsletter, “Chartwells Magazine”, was recognized as the <a target="_blank" title="2012 Platinum Winner in the Employee Communications" href="http://www.lacp.com/2012magellan/employee-communications.htm">2012 Platinum Winner</a> in the Employee Communications category winning the overall award within the competition class. Chartwells Magazine was also recognized as the Most Engaging communication in the <a target="_blank" title="Worldwide Special Achievement Award" href="http://www.lacp.com/2012magellan/competition.htm">Worldwide Special Achievement Award</a> category.  Additionally, Chartwells Magazine <a target="_blank" title="7th in the Top 50 Ranking for the 2012 Magellan Awards Worldwide competition" href="http://www.lacp.com/2012magellan/top50.htm">ranked 7th in the 2012 Magellan Awards Worldwide Top 50</a> ranking competition.</p> <p><strong>Winning Remarks</strong><br />The competition was judged by a field of communications professionals affiliated with LACP.  “This year’s entry for Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services, ‘Chartwells Magazine’, proves to be remarkable in light of tremendous competition,” said Christine Kennedy, LACP Managing Director.  “More than 400 entries were received for the 2012 Magellan Awards, comprising submissions from nearly a dozen countries. Overall, we find this work to be outstanding, earning a total score of 99 out of a maximum 100 points.  With this strong performance, Chartwells Magazine has been recognized with a Platinum Award within its competition class.  The first impression and target audience definition presented by this entry is exceptional while the clarity of the communications’ goals and messaging is outstanding.  Our belief is that the target audience will find the execution of this campaign and overall results to be exceptional, respectfully demonstrating the success of this project in connecting with the right people and delivering a highly applicable and persuasive message.  We classify this entry as being among the best communications materials in 2012.”</p> <p><strong>Chartwells Magazine Snapshot</strong><br />Chartwells Magazine is a monthly, dynamic, fun-to-read, digital newsletter for and about Chartwells Higher Education’s associates and clients that is accessible by any smart device. According to Chartwells’ Communications Director, Kristine Andrews, “With design and production services from <a title="Kaleidoscopic, Inc.">Kaleidoscopic Inc.</a>, we created a technologically modern electronic communication with an upscale look and feel that speaks to multiple audiences. It was designed to engage associates and share news with our clients as well as the public and media.” <br />The “newsletter” name was dropped and the term “magazine” was used because the digital publication truly has the look and feel of a glossy, vibrant magazine. High quality photos and other design aspects unique to magazine styles, content and layout are used to attract a wider audience.  Page flipper software with audio capability resembling the swoosh sound of a page turning entertains viewers every time. To further engage readers and tech savvy individuals, an icon identification system denotes links to information such as video or audio messages. Chartwells Magazine was designed to be eco-friendly first and foremost, but is created in a high quality print format for promotional purposes by sales and marketing teams. Pages honoring associates or featuring campus dining operations are framed and shared with teams and clients.</p> <p><strong>Messaging</strong><br />Each monthly issue contains a candid message from Chartwells’ President and CEO, Steve Sweeney, which addresses a range of topics relating to campus dining services and client partnerships. Messaging throughout the national publication focuses on content specific to Chartwells Higher Education’s teams and clients.  New innovations, campus dining trends, nutrition news, technology, sharing best culinary practices, and award announcements enlighten readers each month. Individual and team accomplishments are promoted in appreciation of their achievements for improving guest service and operations. Client news includes new dining facility openings or renovations and community support by dining services.</p> <p>Chartwells’ President and CEO, Steve Sweeney added, “Chartwells Magazine is the product of all the great associates and clients who contribute to its success. Our digital newsletter is a publication that represents the importance of every associate and partnership that supports our business. Chartwells is extremely proud to be recognized by the League of American Communications Professionals in the 2012 Magellan Awards Communications Campaign Competition.”</p> <p><strong>LACP</strong> <br />The League of American Communications Professionals (<a target="_blank" title="League of American Communications Professionals" href="http://www.lacp.com/aboutus.htm">LACP</a>) is an organization dedicated to supporting, recognizing and advancing excellence in the practice of professional communications. It was established in 2001 in order to create a forum within the public relations industry that facilitates discussion of best-in-class practices within the profession while also recognizing those who demonstrate exemplary communications capabilities.</p> <p>###</p> <p><strong>About Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services</strong><br />Chartwells is the recognized leader in foodservice management, hospitality and award winning YouFirst guest service within college and university dining environments throughout academic institutions across the United States. We take tremendous pride in our high standards and dedicated service culture while providing nutritious cuisine that satisfies unique appetites, lifestyles and dietary needs for every guest dining on campus.</p> <p>Chartwells is committed to practices that honor ethical values, embrace diversity and inclusion, support the environment and value communities through demonstrated leadership, professionalism and new innovations.</p> <p>Chartwells provides opportunities for personal growth and development while offering rewarding and promising careers in support of the clients, students and campus communities we serve.</p> <p>For more information about Chartwells, visit our websites at <a title="www.eatlearnlive.com" href="http://www.eatlearnlive.com/">www.EatLearnLive.com</a>, <a target="_blank" title="www.dineoncampus.com" href="http://www.dineoncampus.com">www.DineonCampus.com</a> and social media pages at <a target="_blank" title="www.facebook.com/ChartwellsHigherEd" href="https://www.facebook.com/ChartwellsHigherEd">www.Facebook.com/ChartwellsHigherEd</a>, <a target="_blank" title="www.twitter.com/ChartwellsHE" href="https://twitter.com/ChartwellsHE">www.Twitter.com/ChartwellsHE</a> and <a target="_blank" title="www.youtube.com/ChartwellsHigherEd" href="http://www.youtube.com/ChartwellsHigherEd">www.YouTube.com/ChartwellsHigherEd</a>.</p> Tue, 15 Jan 2013 20:12:00 -0500 http://www.kaleidoscopicinc.com/thinking_aloud_blog.php?Chartwells-Magazine-25 Taekwondo Web Design Development http://www.kaleidoscopicinc.com/thinking_aloud_blog.php?Taekwondo-Web-Design-Development-23 <h2>Kaleidoscopic, Inc. of launched a new website for Charleston Taekwondo. </h2> <p>Hi, my name is Michael Habenicht of Kaleidoscopic. We recently launched a new website for Charleston Taekwondo, the sister site of CrossFit Frequency of Charleston, SC and to help build awareness of <a target="_blank" href="http://mountpleasanttaekwondo.com">Charleston Taekwondo</a> we're sending out this website launching announcement and invite you to visit their new website to discover the various self-defense and fitness training services offered.</p> <p>And on a personal note - I'd like to thank <a target="_blank" href="http://dfeldman.advicoach.com/">David Feldman</a> of AdviCoach for the lead and introduction to the two great guys behind Charleston Taekwondo.</p> <hr /> <p>... and if you'd like to learn more about Kaleidoscopic, please visit our website <a href="portfolio_of_creative_graphic_design.php">PORTFOLIO</a> and <a href="solutions_to_power_business.php">SOLUTIONS</a> to discover the various graphic design and website services we provide.</p> <p>Thanks for reading and have a great day!<br /> Michael Habenicht</p> <p><br /> CEO Kaleidoscopic, Inc.<br />Phone: 704-545-5336</p> Thu, 04 Oct 2012 03:44:00 -0400 http://www.kaleidoscopicinc.com/thinking_aloud_blog.php?Taekwondo-Web-Design-Development-23 CrossFit Web Design Development http://www.kaleidoscopicinc.com/thinking_aloud_blog.php?CrossFit-Web-Design-Development-22 <h2>Kaleidoscopic, Inc. launched a new website for CrossFit Frequency. </h2> <p>Hi, my name is Michael Habenicht of Kaleidoscopic. We recently launched a new website for CrossFit Frequency of Charleston, SC and to help build awareness of <a target="_blank" href="http://crossfitfrequency.com/">CrossFit Frequency</a> we're sending out this website launching announcement and invite you to visit their new website to discover the various fitness training services offered.</p> <p>And on a personal note - I'd like to thank <a target="_blank" href="http://dfeldman.advicoach.com/">David Feldman</a> of BLOC Matthews for the lead and introduction to the two great guys behind CrossFit Frequency.</p> <hr /> <p>... and if you'd like to learn more about Kaleidoscopic, please visit our website <a href="portfolio_of_creative_graphic_design.php">PORTFOLIO</a> and <a href="solutions_to_power_business.php">SOLUTIONS</a> to discover the various graphic design and website services we provide.</p> <p>Thanks for reading and have a great day!<br /> Michael Habenicht</p> <p>CEO Kaleidoscopic, Inc.<br />Phone: 704-545-5336</p> Thu, 04 Oct 2012 03:38:00 -0400 http://www.kaleidoscopicinc.com/thinking_aloud_blog.php?CrossFit-Web-Design-Development-22